What is the Site Seer Book

Who is this 'the Site Seer' Book for?

'the Site Seer' is for those who have a vision to pursue and the financial resources to enter into the 'high stakes' game of property development.

'the Site Seer' is for church Pastors and Leaders who want to learn how to maximize their God given resources when building the tools that they need for their ministries.

'the Site Seer' is for those individuals in the real estate development field who only have the tools that relate directly to their niche in the process, but are desirous of understanding the entire process from beginning to end, thus providing added value to the services they provide to their customers.

'the Site Seer' provides a road map, in a Text Book format, of where to go and the questions to ask to learn the Story about a particular piece of property and the marketplace in which it is located. The Lessons Learned during my 12 years at McDonald's formed the foundation that the Golden Arches laid in purchasing and developing property that created one of the largest holders of real estate in the world.

Using the steps outlined in 'the Site Seer' will save you money and time. It is written as a Text Book for those who want a sensible and logical approach to learning a marketplace, finding a property for your use and working your way through the maze of activities, rules & regulations of development.

Start Up Sections:

Introduction: In MikeE's Story - How I got a job at McDonald's, you will learn how a 22 year old college student found his way, without even looking, into the real estate department for a corporation, who at that time was still putting Golden Arches on it's roof.

Preface: Establishing the value of the book and its purpose of taking you on a journey of gathering the knowledge that you will need to make wise decisions.

Count the Cost: Establishing your budget, along with the necessity to periodically update your estimates as you learn more about the process of site investigation, due diligence and the entitlement process to ensure that you have enough money to complete what you started.

Activity Sections:

Marketplace Discovery: Knowledge gained in this exercise will help you decide to either look deeper or to walk away to discover a more suitable Marketplace for your vision.

Site Investigation: Correctly evaluating the information gathered will once again help you decide to either look deeper or to walk away to a discover a more suitable Property for your vision.

Contract Negotiations: Making sure that YOU secure YOUR needs, not just what the property owner wants. Marketplace Discovery and Site Investigation are essential in YOUR understanding and getting what YOU need in YOUR contract.

Due Diligence: This process begins AFTER you have secured control of a property in a contractual context. Spending your money in an orderly fashion will directly impact how you will either be successful or teach you when to walk away that will save you money for another project.

Entitlement Process: Failure to prepare for this adventure will cause you more pain and money than you can possible imagine and least afford. Great PREPARATION will in turn yield SUCCESS.

Professional Services: Selecting your providers, carefully bargaining for what you need, will pay dividends in the end.

Bonus Sections:

Ray Kroc – My Inspiration: How and when I met Ray and his impact on me and my career.

Remembering Ray: My novellas about my friendship with Ray Kroc, the humanity in the juggernaut know as McDonald's, and the lasting impact he had on my life.

Appendix: Term Paper: Location Factors of a Retail Trade by Michael W Emmert, for Geography 244 (Urban Geography) @ Chico State College in 1967.

'Do' Diligence Consulting & Seminars: Herein is provided an outline of the steps taken in the Investigation and Confirmation activities necessary for one to gather the knowledge that they need to make wise decisions.

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