"'the Site Seer' is the culmination of a commercial real estate career spanning more than four decades. My skills were honed through the acquisition and development of property for McDonald's Restaurants, Albertson's Supermarkets and private lender Church Development Fund."

"'the Site Seer' Consulting service has allowed me to guide Churches and Universities through the process of good real estate stewardship, allowing them to expand their ministry potential. Knowledge developed through the years has allowed me to develop a critical eye, to uncover and analyze the criteria necessary for successful real estate development."

"Look over my shoulder as you read, 'the Site Seer' Real Estate Lessons Learned @ McDonald's. Allow this book to show you the way. If you will apply the lessons in this book, I will be able to lead the way, offer questions, and help you develop the same critical eye that completed hundreds of successful projects."

"In 1967, during my last college semester, I wrote a term paper telling McDonald's why and where they should consider building a restaurant in Chico, CA. Based on my efforts I was offered and accepted a job in the Real Estate Department. If ever a phrase was prophetic, I arrived at the right place, in the right time, allowing me to participate in McDonald's phenomenal growth phase."

"Real Estate Lessons Learned @ McDonald's lays out your road map to a successful development. During my 12 years under the 'Golden Arches' experience, and later working relationships, I have looked at thousands of properties, sorting many hundred's of doable projects. In 'the Site Seer' I share, in a very practical fashion, methodology that will focus you toward making wise decisions, within your financial resources."

Contact Mike@theSiteSeer.com to discover how 'the Site Seer' can custom design a 'One on One' project, review/analyze your current efforts, or conduct a Group Seminar for your team. Mike will help bring clarity to your vision, by establishing the 'Count the Cost' approach from beginning to end.

"As my role as a team member, guide and mentor, we together can chart your course to accomplish successful real estate decisions."

"I will answer all of your emails. I will respond to you when you call. I will be excited and energized if I am invited to be part of your project."

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For further information on Mike Emmert, his consulting services, seminars and 'the Site Seer' book, email: Mike@theSiteSeer.com
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